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For Wounded Warriors and Veterans who want to work at home

Wounded Warriors, Veterans…here’s a home job for you

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Yes, this is completely off the indie music subject. However, helping wounded warriors and veterans is another one of my obsessive passions. Our past, present, and future soldiers are HEROES! These men and women love us so much they risked their lives for us. They dodged bullets,  avoided bombs, and proudly stomped through enemy territory to make sure our children can sleep safely.  As Americans, we are free because of  responsible citizens who are brave enough and proud enough to join the military and defend our country. We’re free to have coffee at Starbucks, go shopping at the mall, have picnics in the park, and sit on our asses writing blogs.

A note to our Veterans:

You are not forgotten!  There are plenty of people who love you and give you the ultimate respect. You have our hearts and we will go to extreme lengths to help you in any small way. Why? Because you went to extremes to save our lives. You’ve given us so much that we want to give back. All our hopes and dreams are funded by the price YOU paid. We’re so proud of you.

Thank you,

Average American Citizens

Link to work at home job for wounded warriors and veterans

Today while surfing the net I found a job listing from a company called Alorica. This company commits to helping wounded warriors and veterans succeed. They have at home jobs for veterans with a specialized insurance benefits program for wounded warriors. If you are a veteran or know a veteran who wants to work at home check it out…

You are eligible for employment with this company if you live in one of the following states

North Carolina
South Carolina

Here’s a link to the Alorica website

One more thing for our veterans (or maybe three…)

As Americans, we are OBLIGATED to care for our wounded soldiers. Give back…

Here’s a link to the Wounded Warrior Project

DONATE NOW! Here’s a link to GIVE back to our heroes Wounded Warrior Donations

Here’s a song written and recorded by Steel Horse Band to honor our heroes.

Thanks again, heroes. We luv you!

♫ Tracey Lynn

P.S. Please share this important blog post with everyone you know. Even if you don’t know any wounded warriors share this on your preferred social network. Get the word out. Let our veterans know you care…

Advertisements indie radio

Quick note…this afternoon I opened up a Twitter account for IMP. (Please follow @IndieEdge). Within a few minutes of signing up I received a message from a new online radio station that’s all about indies. Their quick response to the new Twitter account tells me they have an aggressive marketing strategy, which is great for the indie artist.

This is a new indie niche website and one that will be beneficial to us in the long run. The radio station plays only indie music so their listeners are specifically looking for tunes from unsigned artists. You can upload songs or use the ones you already have on SoundCloud to get airplay on the Sonrisa_FM station. The upload form is easy to use and its free to add songs. The entire website is easy to maneuver and Sonrisa_FM features indies on their home page.

Be sure to check out Sonrisa_FM, another great indie tool to get your music heard!

Keep rockin’!

Tracey Lynn

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