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Ok so honesty is best, right? Here’s where you see how I fit into the indie music scene.

First you should know that I’m a member of an indie band. I’m female which shouldn’t matter when discussing careers, but somehow matters a lot in the music business. For example, female truck drivers get to drive trucks, especially if they’re any good at it. But female musicians get a lot of no’s and we don’t want you here’s before they find the right vehicle (band). And then, unless you’re Sheryl Crow or Stevie Nicks, you’re probably gonna have to ride in the back seat. Oh…and uh…if there are men in your group you might take a lot of flack from wives and girlfriends. Buckle up, doll face, cause it’s a bumpy ride. Fair warning…

But girls in the music business is another topic for another day. This post is for us to meet and see if we can be friends. Um, we can be friends, right? Well…never mind that now. You don’t have to answer just yet. You’d best wait till you’ve read through this before you make up your mind. Read the rest of this entry

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