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Indie Musicians Get Your Edge!

Get a jump on your musical peers…

Independent artists need all the help we can get. Getting your band or yourself noticed ain’t easy, my indie friend. With a maze of new technology and the rise of niche specific social networks, recording and marketing your music could turn into an online nightmare. A downright scary one even. The mass of information is overwhelming and it’s easy to get frustrated. But hey, don’t get your panties in a bunch…IMP is here to help.

Indie Music Power to the rescue! 

In the right column are links to social music platforms, online radio stations that play indie music, instruments, equipment, and more. And of course I included Gamefly, because it’s the band’s favorite place to get video games (heh…yeah:)). New links get added daily so check back often. And keep an eye on the blog posts, too. You’ll get schooled on social music marketing and ways to use social networks to get your music heard by someone other than your mom. You’ll also find music products, reviews, websites, radio stations, new music, and other stuff I haven’t even thought of yet.

Indie bands and solo artists deserve recognition…

This entire project is dedicated to YOU, the indie musician. You deserve kudos for all your hard work, time, and dedication to mastering the art of music. To further your career and help reach your goals, add your band to the Indie Dreamers page. Let me know if you want to list your band and links to your indie websites. If you do want your band listed just send an email. Include your band name, links to your websites, and a logo/graphic if you have one. Mail your information to Let me know with a comment below and I’ll check the email and get you listed ASAP.


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