Independent Music Artists ROCK!

Indie musicians are a strange breed.

Indie artists have a lifestyle that’s foreign to the average person. In fact, most people look at the music scene as one long continuous party. Folks just don’t know what we go through to be involved in music. They’re not around while we’re going crazy trying to get a new song tight. They don’t see us rehearsing hour after hour, playing the guitar till our fingers bleed. Oh…and they don’t have to move equipment at 4am.

Non-musicians don’t experience the intense emotional turmoil we live with. As members of the indie music community we go through extreme highs and lows in our quest for the illusive recording contract. After a great show we’re jacked up, feeling like we’re the best musicians to ever walk the music walk. But if the show sucks we’re miserable, wondering if we should just quit music altogether and become a car salesman or a school teacher.  Anything “normal” people might do for a living. But somehow we just can’t walk away from it.

Indie musicians have heart.

  • We continue to hope against all odds that we’ll hear our music on the radio someday.
  • We continue to write our songs in spite of any hardships or obstacles we’re facing.
  • We live with the pain of being separated from our kids.
  • We travel hundreds of miles for a half hour set on the “big stage”.
  • We sleep in our cars, because we don’t have enough money for a hotel room.
  • We eat peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so we have gas money to get to a show.
  • We sometimes quit decent jobs, because we can’t get time off for an important gig.
  • We spend all of our extra cash on guitar strings, drumsticks, or a new mic.

Why do we keep playing music when it’s so damn hard? Well…simply because we can’t stop. We love it too much to quit. And let’s face it, if music was easy, everyone would be doing it.  But the good news is…

Indie musicians are bright!

With the current social media craze branding and marketing your music has never been easier. The internet is the best thing that ever happened to independent music. Big-time record labels no longer have a lock on the music industry. These days there are tons of online resources for funding, recording, marketing, and selling indie music.  We dedicated this website to helping YOU,  the indie artist, succeed in a very competitive market. Indie Music Power is full of informative articles, blog posts, and links to music resources to get your music heard.

Please tell us your level of social music mania by choosing a poll answer below. We’ll sort it out and target future blog posts and “Indie Edge” resources to your needs.

  1. Have you ever heard of gethighonmusic? There are soo many bands there that are awesome! You should check them out! here’s the link gethighonmusic.com

  2. Quite insightful about being a musician! I know a whole bunch here where I live and some have a few CD’s out. They are the best people I know in my city. I don’t know all of the life musicians have. I quite enjoyed the read. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. not the type of Music I listen to lol, but we all have different tastes, good article 😉

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