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Indie music and chaos ♫♥♫

ummm...see what happened was...

What a strange winter….

In the opinion of this lil’  indie artist the hardest thing about being a musician is leaving the people you love. Seems like we’re always leaving someone…family, friends, bands, lovers.

Over the winter I left Steel Horse Band. Leaving my friends sucked, but there were no options. I wanted to get Steel Horse on a tour circuit. Turns out my band mates didn’t have the same goals. They’re content with staying home, playing music for friends in the jam shack, a tiny construction trailer set up in the yard. That’s okay for them, but I’m not satisfied with that. There’s no hard feelings. I love Matt, Doc, and Bubba and have great respect for their talent. But Matt got a girl, chaos took over the band, and all hell broke loose. It was time for me to move on…

Just before Thanksgiving, two musical geniuses and my dear friends, Charlie Whittaker and Ronnie Carnes of Odessa, Texas, decided I was worth teaching and took me under their magical wings. I received “special instruction”, musically and spiritually, for which I am eternally grateful. The three of us formed a band called “Two Guys & A Girl” and we rocked out almost 24/7 for the very short period of one month. Those two guys taught me more in that month than most people learn in a lifetime. We had a blast for a while, but of course all good things must come to an end. Charlie’s girl got out of prison, chaos took over the band, and all hell broke loose. Just before Christmas I split…

At that point I was a homeless indie musician with big dreams, but no real plan. I stayed in Texas for a little while, trying to make a life there, but no luck. Every direction turned into a dead-end so I headed east and pissed off my entire family by showing up unannounced one snowy evening in December. Fortunately at least some of them try to love me as much as they can. I don’t come from a musical family. ‘Nuff said.

Currently I’m in Northern Michigan and I’m a solo act. I’m getting used to it, but at first I hated it.  Then I decided to change my way of thinking and just go for it. Now’s the time for me to take control of my own destiny, right?  I realized there are good things about being a solo act. First I love being able to play the songs I write:)) Don’t get me wrong I love playing other people’s music, too. I love the art of connecting to the world through music. But now I get to learn the songs I want to learn and I’m learning to play the style of music I like to dance to. Heh, yeah…

So there’s my winter story in a very small, very limited nutshell. I can’t even begin to describe the joy and pain of being a part of something great and having to leave it. Seems like us indies are always leaving someone behind. Family, friends, band-mates, lovers. Indie life is hard on the norm and I’m okay with it.  I was fortunate enough to have studied under incredibly talented teachers in both bands and I’m grateful for the fun, music, and mayhem we created. My eternal thanks go to Steel Horse Band and Two Guys & A Girl. In honor of my Texas teachers, I named my new act “Half-Fast Charlie”. So far it’s a one woman band with “too much ass for a girl”. ..HA ;-p

Join Half-Fast Charlie or I’ll join you (fair warning)

Any musicians looking for a band or any bands looking for me? I’m currently seeking a roving band of mystical muses who aren’t afraid of success, are focused on music, and have the moxie to stick with me for better or worse. I’m not limited to any certain area or city. I’m very mobile and I’m completely open to joining a touring band as a singer and/or rhythm guitar. Work hard, play hard, rock steady…


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  1. Keep going Tracey! If the US isn’t working for you, try the UK. Plenty of serious players here and good venues.

    • Thank you so much Dilan:)) That’s really a great idea and I may look into it. I’ve actually applied for a few artist residencies in Europe…maybe I’ll look for one in the UK. I’m really interested…we’ll keep in touch for sure. I’ll hit you up on FB. Thanks again…

  2. Thanks…I’ll check out your blog:))

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