5 Ways to brand your band

indie music ROCKS!Branding your music

Here’s 5 simple ways to brand your band, your music, and/or yourself…

You got your band’s domain name, built a website, joined all the right online social networks, and still nothing. Nada. No hits, no friends, no nothing. “Whatever!?”, you say as you throw your laptop on the floor, your hands in the air, and stalk away. Heh…s’ok. Take it easy. We’ve all been there, frustrated with trying to get our awesome music noticed. Online marketing for a musician is wrought with special challenges. However, there are ways to elbow your way through to the front of the crowd. Even if you’re a short lil’ indie singer chic…

  1. sacred band mojo- First there’s a lot of competition. In order to stick out you gotta ROCK! Be honest with yourself and your band. While you all might be wildly talented musicians with mad skillz individually, do you have the much sought after but rarely found “Sacred Band Mojo”? If your answer is no, find it. Find  the sacred mojo…find it…find it. If you don’t believe you can get the music mojo with this group, rearrange your grouping. Don’t stop or give up. All musicians know that timing is everything:)) Your musical efforts are not futile. To get to the sacred mojo you just need to find the right combination of elements.  If you’ve got the “Sacred Band Mojo” you’ll know. Don’t give it up for anything. Nothing. Especially for those people who say they love you, but want you to stop. Once you’re a famous musician those same people will he happy with their Caribbean vacation. You might even get to go if you’re not on tour…
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    show ’em your cool side- Be cool. Act cool. Treat people with respect in cyber-land and real-ville. Branding your band takes more than talent. You’re the best representation of your music. If you want to make an impression, you might want to consider making a good one. Egos, attitudes, and narcissism are all welcome in the entertainment industry provided you respect others and love ’em for their peculiar egos, attitudes, and ocd’s. Make someone smile today. ‘Nuff said.

  3. get a YouTube account- By all means, make a movie. All’s fair in music, so show your personality and talent off with unique YouTube videos. Almost every social platform gives you a video section to upload your videos. One the cool thing about YouTube is the ability to share your videos everywhere with a link or an embed code. Also, the YouTube musicnetwork includes famous, infamous, and unknown music artists worldwide. Plus, Tube-heads are a special breed of computer geek and need visual stimulation with our music fix. Show us what ya got. Remember though, just like any other social network, you’ve got to elbow your way to the front. To do this you have to stay active on the network. Watch videos (not just your own either). Talk to people by leaving comments on their channel or videos. Mention specific uploads or things you like about their channel. Mention people by name. Read their bios. Make friends with Tubies…
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  4. get a Twitter account- For cryin’ out loud, just do it. Everyone who is anyone is on Twitter. Time consuming, all engulfing social networks will get you everywhere. Or they’ll get you lost… Your Twitter account is the indispensable tool for social branding. With mobile apps you have ability to update your status everywhere on the web, from where ever you are.  Again, to build your fan base, stay active on all of your online social networks. Unless you’re already a branded and famous musician, you have to follow others to get followed. Talk to people. Tweet at people. Let them know you’re visiting their websites, reading their blogs, or listening to their music. Set up your band’s website and social music profiles with Twitter feeds and automatic status updates. Become a Tweirdo and follow @traceylynmelody for your first follow-back.
  5. be persistent- The first step in any advertising campaign is your decision to stick with it. If 1000 people didn’t subscribe to your YouTube channel it’s no reason to quit uploading videos. Remember the movie “Field of Dreams”? You have to build it before they’ll come. No one will come to a brand that hasn’t been built yet. Getting discouraged is an unnecessary feeling and has no place in the process of getting your heart’s desire. Download this free pdf and follow the instructions to create your reality.

Branding your band, your music, and yourself it a great way to get your music noticed. Just as building your dream house takes time, so does building a brand. Keep active online and offline to stay in the public eye. You’ll get ahead…

Take care and keep rockin’

♫Tracey Lynn


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