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Ok so honesty is best, right? Here’s where you see how I fit into the indie music scene.

First you should know that I’m a member of an indie band. I’m female which shouldn’t matter when discussing careers, but somehow matters a lot in the music business. For example, female truck drivers get to drive trucks, especially if they’re any good at it. But female musicians get a lot of no’s and we don’t want you here’s before they find the right vehicle (band). And then, unless you’re Sheryl Crow or Stevie Nicks, you’re probably gonna have to ride in the back seat. Oh…and uh…if there are men in your group you might take a lot of flack from wives and girlfriends. Buckle up, doll face, cause it’s a bumpy ride. Fair warning…

But girls in the music business is another topic for another day. This post is for us to meet and see if we can be friends. Um, we can be friends, right? Well…never mind that now. You don’t have to answer just yet. You’d best wait till you’ve read through this before you make up your mind.

Awwww, shit…I’m in trouble again. (song lyrics from a track on our 1st album)

About a month ago I quit my job, because my boss wouldn’t give me the weekend off for an important gig. And I got sidetracked by a hot redheaded guy. That’s the short story. There’s a lot more to the long story (there usually is) but I won’t bore you with the juicy details (but you’d be glued to this blog if I did…HA:)). Uh..anyway…it was sort of good job, except for the boss who’s really a pirate disguised as a business woman.  I do miss some of my co-workers a little and I miss the money a lot .

When I quit my job it started a chain reaction. I rent a room from one of our band members and we’re all stressed out because I’m not obviously not pulling my weight around here. Then my vehicle broke down. It’s hard to go anywhere, much less job hunting without a car. Our “fearless leader” is pretty irritated about the whole situation. Ok, since we’re being honest, he’s mad as hell at me. But it’s not just me. He has his own problems to deal with as well. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can get on with being a band. Still, my place in the group changed a little since blowing off the job.

Out with the old music marketer…

Until recently I was the one taking care of all the online marketing. Last week Fearless Leader named his girl “band manager”. What that means is I’m not allowed to promote, market, or otherwise advertise for the band. Everyone thought I would be mad, but I just shrugged and said, “Whatever. It’s all good”. Chances are she’ll do a good job. She’s good at talking to people and always has a business card. I’ve got enough problems without getting into a pissing match over it. Still, I can’t help but think taking me off band marketing seems kind of crazy, because I do a good job. Online marketing is my thing and it makes sense for all the members of a group to do what they do best. And all indies should promote their original music regardless of their place in the band.

On the other hand, not having all the band responsibilities is actually kind of cool, because I have time to work on my own projects. Truth is, I’m good at social media marketing. Since June 2011 I’ve gotten us noticed by several celebrities, including Keith Richards of  The Rolling Stones, who  complimented in a comment he left on my YouTube channel. My marketing efforts also secured gigs for us in Austin and Dallas, TX., and brought our fan count up over 3000. I’m interested in applying the same marketing strategies to my other ideas to see if they’ll work again.

Indie Music Power rules!

My first scheme is this blog, of course. Being an indie musician, I already have a head start and I want to learn more about the online music world. Like how to navigate through all the indie music niche social sites and how to capitalize on targeted social media marketing. The Indie Music Power blog will allow me to further educate myself on these topics and more. And I want to share the stuff I learn with you, the indie artist. I like helping people and we indie musicians have to stick together, because no one else understands us. In return for my help, if you get signed to a record label before we do, you can hire us as your opening act. HA:))

Seriously though, there’s a method to my madness. I love to blog and write website content and want to make money at it. Maybe even get into freelance writing for a living. I checked out every freelance article submission website I could find. But of course everyone wants to see what I can do before they’ll hire me. So, the Indie Music Power site was born and here I am.

My second venture is not musical. I wrote a few sample articles and TA-DAAA! I got hired a few days ago by a local biker club to design a motorcycling blog, write the SEO optimized content, and market the project online through social media . The job doesn’t pay much, but I’m really excited nonetheless. Just the fact that I get to write and get paid is awesome! I’m meeting with the MC president on Saturday. Keep an eye on the RSS for it, and I’ll be sure to let you know what to look for.

Hopefully you enjoyed your visit to the Indie Music Power blog and I didn’t rant too much. Ok  ok…so I was ranting a little. But I hope you’ve decided you like me and want to be my friend as much as I want to be yours. You know I luv ya.

Take care, my new cohort, and come back soon…

♫ Tracey Lynn

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